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Working from home.

May 17, 2020

Well folks it is a totally new experience for a Tour Guide / Tour operator thats for sure. I would usually work in the office from October to February each year as soon as the touring season finishes, but being this long at my desk is a whole new experience.

However ! The good news is we has designed a new all bells and whistles website and integrated our booking engine and payments platform. I now also have the tools to post video and photos from our tours and the stunning places in Ireland that we visit whilst on tour.

Another benefit of this time is we have designed a unique small group luxury tour series that we will be running each month from March 2021 right through to September 2021. These tours will have a maximum of 16 guests.

A vital part of the smooth running of any Tour Operator company is keeping up with new technology and with this in mind we are at this time testing new Tour Software and initiating a Digital marketing program .

So we are not letting the grass grow under our feet, thats for sure? we will be ready and in a much stronger position when folks are ready to start travelling again, thats for sure.

So right now back to the Advanced online Microsoft Excel course.

Please stay safe everyone and look out for each other, stay healthy ?

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