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The Burren

December 14, 2020

The Burren is a stunningly beautiful region situated in the West of Ireland in county Clare, near Galway on the Wild Atlantic Way. The area is characterized by a breath-taking karst moonlike surface of limestone pavement formed during the Carboniferous age. Whilst exploring this stunning landscape I feel captivated and inspired by the silence that surrounds me broken only by the sound of the Atlantic Ocean where it meets the craggy shoreline. In this mystical place I am fully at peace and in tune with my surroundings, which constantly changes its mood colors and hues when the sunlight peeks through the weather.

The Burren has been inhabited since Paleolithic times and has been farmed by man for thousands of years.

The US astronaut Neil Armstrong while on holiday in Ireland visited the Burren and is reputed to have said: “This is the most similar landscape I have ever come across on earth that is similar to the surface of the moon”. Some people in the area jokingly say he never made it to the moon and that it was all filmed in Co Clare. But then again that could possibly be the Fairies talking!

Gealain Lough, Mullagh More, The Burren, County Clare, Ireland, The wild Atlantic Way

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