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Con O'Leary

Chauffer Driver/Guide

Con is the founder of Scotia Ireland Tours and is the Senior Guide with the company. Con has been approved as a Coach Tourism and Transport Council of Ireland Tour Driver / Guide, and has many years of experience leading Walkers and Adventure Tours throughout the Island of Ireland.

Con a native of Ireland has spent much of his time living abroad including, San Francisco, England, and has travelled extensively in India, Thailand, North Africa and Europe

Con’s love of Ireland and subsequent interest in the archaeology and history of the country stems from an interest that was instilled by his father, also named Con at a very early age. An idyllic childhood rambling the hills and mountains of County Kerry as a young boy, with his best friend his Dad, nurtured an obvious love of Ireland and her history.

Con also has a great interest in Adventure pursuits and enjoys Surfing off the beach where he lives and also enjoys a relatively new and exciting adventure sport Coasteering which is a combination of swimming and exploring gullies, caves, cracks and different rock formations that occur along the base of the sea cliffs in Ireland.

Whilst walking with Con you shall be assured of good company and lively varied conversation, lots of stories and humour! Traditional Irish music and poetry are Cons abiding interests, and he is a Gaelic Irish speaker.

He lives by the Atlantic coast in County Kerry with his wife Samantha and three sons. He loves to cook and enjoys a good wine, and in the evening has been known to sample a pint of Guinness or an Irish Ale!

Paul Ó Colmáin

Walking Guide/Musician/Poet

Paul Ó Colmáin is a poet, visual artist and musician. A fluent Irish speaker and student of the history & archaeology, folklore & mythology, literature & culture of his native Ireland, he loves to share his country and has been leading walking tours here for over twenty years.

James Clifford

Chauffer Driver/Guide

I was born in Tralee the County town of County Kerry in the South West of Ireland, one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. My working career had me working in places such as Dingle, Donegal and Dublin over a 40 year career. I have worked extensively in both the private and public sectors; working at management levels in both. Leading teams and staff in projects as diverse as restructuring whole divisions within a large national telecoms company, and leading the performance management development system in a Local Authority.

I have been a driver/guide for a number of years which has taken me all around Ireland, several times. It never ceases to amaze me just how much pleasure there is in showing visitors/friends around Ireland and making sure they have the best experience possible.

I enjoy working with people to ensure they experience the full potential of their visit and tour.

I have an in-depth knowledge of Ireland's history and culture; its sites and scenery that makes touring an attractive and enjoyable experience. My natural ability with people, attention to detail and sense of fun are traits and skills that make the tour enjoyable and relaxing.

I believe it is the authentic and genuine welcome found all around this Island that captures the hearts and minds of our visitors, leaving them wishing to return time and again. Visitors today are very discerning and perceptive and want their journey to be a memory building and unique experience. We will do our utmost the do this for you.

DB O'Connor

Chauffer Driver/Guide

DB O’Connor was born a few miles outside the town of Killarney within the shadow of the Pap mountains also referred to as the Paps of Danu and in the Gaelic language, An dhá Chonic Danu. The mountain is named after The Goddess Danu who to the ancient Celtic people represented mother earth and fertility.

To DB the mountains represent home and indeed have been home to countless generations for thousands of years and this is evidenced by the many Bronze age, Iron age and early medieval ruins such as the Cairn at the very summit of the mountain and the ring fort at the base referred to locally as “The City” which is possibly one of the oldest sites of continuous religious worship in Western Europe, well over 5,000 years of activity.

The home that DB grew up in doubled up as a very successful local general store at a busy rural crossroads in the townland of Gorthnahawn Bui East “The Field of the Yellow Flowers” within the parish of Rathmore “The Big Fort”

DB’s Grandparents, Danny and Molly and later his parents provided many goods from their store, indeed everything that was required to supply the surrounding community, such as bicycles to geese to socks and soap.

The shop was in many aspects a local community centre and in those days’ past, it was known as a “Rambling House”. During the long winter evenings, the kitchen with its big open fire transformed into a gathering place for the local community. Music, stories and song flowed from within the warmth and into the dark night. It is here that DB’s love and passion for history, folklore mythology and storytelling began.

Following on from an idyllic childhood in this warm community of friends and close family DB went on to become a Fáilte Ireland National Tour Guide and later gained a Diploma in local history and archaeology.

DB has enjoyed an extremely successful career of over 20 years guiding and driving tours both in Ireland and in Scotland, enjoying every moment and getting to share his incredible knowledge of his country with guests visiting from abroad. We can say without doubt that DB has a genuine passion for his country and to be lucky enough to  travel with him is indeed an inspiring and memorable adventure.

Con, Thank you for the trip of a lifetime. Will treasure the memories always…

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...Your extraordinary level of service, kindness and consideration to our needs and expectations during our trip to Ireland is so much appreciated…

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...Your kindness and love of Ireland made me come to love it, even more than I already did.…

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...I never had such an appreciation for history until this vacation. You have opened our eyes to the fine details.…

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...You are a very adept driver, a wonderful guide and an astute historian. We did learn a lot about Irish history, customs and traditions on our trip. Thank you for a truly wonderful time…

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...You shared your extensive knowledge and appreciation for the land. It helped my understanding of the culture and its people…

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