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What Our Guests
Have to say

We have had countless guests experience Ireland in unique ways over the years. It has been a magical and humbling experience meeting so many people over the year and we are looking forward to continuing this for years to come!

Below are a few testimonials gathered over the years from our excellent guests about their trips and tours.

Mary Reece

Four American Sisters experience an Adventure and Cultural Tour of Ireland

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Con, Thank you for the trip of a lifetime. Will treasure the memories always…

Rhonda Cornilles

Con, Thank you so much for making our trip to Ireland so successful and enjoyable. Your extraordinary level of service, kindness and consideration to our needs and expectations during our trip to Ireland is so much appreciated…

Paul Gould


Hello Con. I wanted you to know how I loved this trip! Your kindness and love of Ireland made me come to love it, even more than I already did. I really appreciate all you did for us, over and above for all the extras! Thank you so much for making this a vacation of a lifetime…

Colleen Hughes

Thank you so much for taking such good care of us! I never had such an appreciation for history until this vacation. You have opened our eyes to the fine details!!

Jeremy Walburn


Thank you for providing us a really wonderful time and a great vacation. You are a very adept driver, a wonderful guide and an astute historian. We did learn a lot about Irish history, customs and traditions on our trip. Thank you for a truly wonderful time.

Ravi and Yvette

Dear Con. Thank you for making my trip to Ireland so memorable. You shared your extensive knowledge and appreciation for the land. It helped my understanding of the culture and its people…

Suzie and Suzanne


Dear Con. Thank you for making our Irish experience so positive. Your expansive knowledge of your country’s history, flora and fauna and language was enlightening, and your sense of humor kept us chuckling. You were forever patient and even tempered during trying circumstances. Truly, you have set our expectations very high for future coach drivers…


Dear Con. Your insights, historical knowledge and great sense of humor truly made this a trip to remember. Thanks for taking good care of us…

Bonnie and David


Con. Thanks SO much for the history, Fun and driver skill!...

Joe & Eileen

Con. You have made my trip to Ireland much more special by sharing your outstanding knowledge and history of the country and word meanings throughout the region. I’ve learned so much from you in this short time. Your love of Ireland shines through and makes me proud to share your heritage!...
With thanks and gratitude.



Dear Con. Thanks for a very enjoyable tour and lots of fun!...

Phil & Peg.

Thank you Con for a fantastic week. You can be my guide anytime. You helped us fall in love with your country…

Robin & Steve Gausebeck.


Thank you for a fabulous trip. You are above excellent. Your driving skills are amazing, and you have a wealth of knowledge to share. Thanks to you we had a wonderful time in Ireland…

Marion and Brady.

Explore the world famous Wild Atlantic Way